Cardamon Wallet

The Cardamon Wallet promised to be a simple, minimalistic solution – a perfection of the traditional wallet. Now, with almost 1,500 backers and with more than $86,000 pledged, finally, the Cardamon Wallett can become reality. Supporters from all around the globe will start receiving their well-designed, outstandingly durable Cardamon Wallett by March this year, as the project has not only reached its original goal but thanks to the product’s quality and success, went well beyond its original goal.

This new, versatile solution comes with a well-adjusted size, that enables full usability without any compromise. The fundamental single sheet fabric, helps the designers to combine simplicity and minimalism with groundbreaking high-technology techniques, which have never been applied earlier for wallet production. By achieving the perfect mixture of simplicity and complexity, the unique seamless design of the Cardamon Wallet is truly breathtaking. May other features, like the specially developed fabric, the paper thin design, high durability, and the promised indestructibility makes this new successful online campaign into a future trend- and design-setter.

The Kickstarter Fashion campaign proved to be a huge success among the community members, thanks to the devoted team of Cardamon Wallett, and Kickstarter marketing company Starwood Creations. During Christmas, 2016, the first new wallets were shipped to the initial backers, while the planned funds were not only met but exceeded, therefore the Cardamon Wallet experience finally became reality. We wish all the best to the team and would like to congratulate them on their success.